The Multipure Aquadome countertop unit provides all the taste and health benefits of Multipure filtered water, in a pleasant, white plastic dome. The Aquadome sits atop the counter and connects directly to the existing faucet. It is operated with a convenient diverter valve.

  Countertop Kit

The Aquadome features a plastic housing and is designed for countertop use only. It connects directly to the sink faucet with an included hose and diverter valve (dual-hose design) that allows you to select filtered or unfiltered water.

The Aquadome is intended as an easily-connected countertop-only drinking water system for those that do not require a below sink installation option.

NOTE: The Aquadome is not designed to withstand the constant water pressure of a below sink installation; it cannot be installed or converted for below sink use.

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