Water is everywhere - in the air, in the ground, in the rivers and lakes. Water makes up a majority of your body. Water promotes skin and muscle tone, assists in weight loss, transports nutrients to cells, eliminates toxins and wastes, and regulates body temperature. Water is life.

Multipure is dedicated to better water, better health, and a better lifestyle. Multipure is the premier manufacturer of high quality drinking water systems, whose vision is demonstrated through innovative water filtration technology and an extraordinary opportunity for success.

Welcome to Multipure, and welcome to a history of innovation, a tradition of leadership, an array of indispensable products, and a life-changing business opportunity.
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2011 Successful Entrepreneur
Despite Singapore’s tap water being well within the World Health Organization’s Drinking Water Guidelines, and is suitable for drinking without any further filtration, Mr Danny Cham, 46, is into a profitable business of selling American water treatment devices, tested and certified by NSF International.

Have passion in everything you do.
- Danny Cham

“This is because of our not-so-clean pipes in some cases which could affect the local water quality,” said the sole proprietor who partnered for a year with a friend before going solo. Married with two children, he wanted to ensure that all Singaporeans in their homes would continue to drink the best quality water unpolluted by pipes.

For this reason, the authorised Singapore dealer of the American Solid Carbon Filters technology since 2002 has provided his now 8,000 local, referral clients — from a hundred, initially — with eight useful products in water treatment. The least expensive is the Shower Filter costing a few hundred dollars, and the most, the high-end water treatment products worth a few thousand dollars.

They are very affordable for ensuring that the quality of our drinking water gushing from our home taps remains the same at point of entry into the pipes,” said Danny who conducts this business, both on-line and through the telephone. When clients request any products, he relays the message to his three part-time, commission-based staff in his 200 sq. ft North Bridge Road Office. “They have been with me since I started my business in 2002.”

Danny also exports his water treatment products to countries like Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia. “With their drinking water in certain instances of lesser quality than Singapore e.g. in Bangladesh, our high-quality drinking water treatment products from the Las Vegas parent company certainly reduces a wide range of health contaminants. This would provide people in such countries with the best quality, affordable drinking water.”

“I am happy in helping to improve the quality of water in Singapore and elsewhere,” said Danny. Before going into the water industry, he served as an Aircraft Technician in the RSAF for seven years.


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